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  • In recent years these terms have found their way into the fields of computing and information security.
  • Video games have to split their very limited computing time between several tasks.
  • In effect, the role model for soft computing is the human mind.
  • The pattern typically does some kind of task that is not subject of real-time computing.
  • The system derived its playing strength mainly out of brute force computing power.
  • Has written, or co-written, many computing and games books.
  • Thousands of different programming languages have been created, mainly in the computing field.
  • One of the unique things about cloud computing is how rapidly and easily this can be done.
  • The language is designed for use in high-performance computing.
  • The college library, formerly a chapel, includes shared computing facilities for college members.
  • They are widely used across many application domains including general-purpose computing.
  • It has been used for some computing systems because of this efficiency.
  • These services allow the operation of general purpose computing applications.
  • He now focuses on high performance computing and big data in the cloud.
  • The field of computing includes computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, information systems, and information technology.
  • The goal being to study how quantum computing might advance machine learning.
  • Some early experiments have shown how they can be used to build the next generation of computing devices.
  • Its target market was real-time computing, with a focus on high-speed data acquisition.
  • Instead, it will be released as a development platform for graphics and high-performance computing.
  • Distributed computing is a field of computer science that studies distributed systems.
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Root form of computing is compute for the verb.

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