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  • Secondary school or high school is compulsory for a further five years.
  • Students now have the opportunity to study courses throughout the full range of compulsory education.
  • Mexico has nine years of free and compulsory primary and secondary education.
  • Religion taught in this manner is also a compulsory subject for all University students.
  • After non-compulsory pre-school education, children enter the nine-year primary school at the age of six.
  • It has a strong presence, especially in business and is a compulsory language taught in schools.
  • Education was now compulsory from five to thirteen and many new board schools were built.
  • English joined Spanish as an official language, and English language education was made compulsory.
  • They held the top two spots after the compulsory figures and the short program.
  • In the following years the Russian language became a compulsory subject in all Soviet schools.
  • Two years of military service was made compulsory for young men, though there was no warfare.
  • Schools at the compulsory and pre-university level are available in both French and German.
  • The requirement to attend compulsory training one night a week has recently been removed.
  • Primary and secondary education are compulsory and free in public schools.
  • English study is compulsory from third grade through high school.
  • Unlike most developed countries, high schools in South Korea are neither free nor compulsory.
  • The government shall also in accordance with law, gradually institute a compulsory education system.
  • Now it is compulsory to drive with the lights on every day of the year.
  • The final two years of secondary education are now compulsory.
  • He recommended that there should be no bridge, side street changes, or compulsory purchase orders.
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