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  • This also made it possible to revive Lonchodectes, using as type the former O. compressirostris, which then became L. compressirostris.
  • Barbatula compressirostris is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Barbatula.
  • The type species, L. compressirostris, is based on BMNH 39410, a partial upper jaw from the Turonian-age Upper Cretaceous Upper Chalk near Kent.
  • He noted that C. sedgwicki does not possess the unique features of C. clavirostris (in fact it lacks a crest altogether), and may instead belong to the same genus as "Ornithocheirus" compressirostris (=Lonchodectes).
  • Two additional species based on jaw fragments, both from the Albian-age Cambridge Greensand, were added by 2003: L. machaerorhynchus and L. microdon, joining L. compressirostris, L. giganteus, L. platystomus, and L. sagittirostris in his listing of valid species.
  • Veldmeijer in 2003 accepted that Tropeognathus and Ornithocheirus were cogeneric but rejecting O. simus as the type species of Ornithocheirus in favor of O. compressirostris (named Lonchodectes by Unwin), used the names Criorhynchus simus and Criorhynchus mesembrinus.