compression techniques

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  • Space efficiency of B+ trees can be improved by using some compression techniques.
  • As such, it is extensively used in data compression techniques in information theory.
  • Data transfer rates and live video image quality are related, but are also subject to other factors such as data compression techniques.
  • Another recent work shows that efficient circuit compression techniques can be developed using AIGs.
  • As such, they are only used in inter-frame compression techniques.
  • To address this issue, low-overhead compression techniques can be used.
  • Similar ideas are used in modern data-compression techniques such as Huffman coding.
  • These simple techniques have been largely rendered obsolete by modern transform-based audio compression techniques.
  • Data compression techniques, such as MP3, make use of this fact.
  • Key features include end-user single-click recovery, encryption and compression techniques.
  • The compression technique has been used in both standardized and proprietary designs.
  • The specific compression technique and implementation details can affect performance.
  • A compression technique similar to patricia tries can be used to significantly reduce the space usage of x-fast tries in practice.
  • A lossy compression technique might identify this quiet tone and attempt to remove it.
  • Many of the lossless compression techniques used for text also work reasonably well for indexed images.
  • This is done by using data compression techniques to reduce the size of each individual program stream, and multiplexing to combine them into a single signal.
  • The higher data density is achieved by using exhaustive compression techniques.
  • When an image is converted to the ART format, the image is analyzed and the software decides what compression technique would be best.
  • High fidelity audio hardware became inexpensive faster than data storage media, driving the development of compression techniques.
  • The amount of data reduction possible using lossy compression can often be much more substantial than what is possible with lossless data compression techniques.
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