compression ratios

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  • However, all suffered from lower compression ratios to better meet new emissions standards.
  • "S" versions with higher compression ratio had power increased by as much as twenty percent.
  • What he knows about those compression ratios just isn't known. Cited from Stand by for Mars!, by Carey Rockwell
  • Three versions of the engine were provided, running at different compression ratios.
  • This, of itself, allowed the use of higher compression ratios and more efficient engine operation.
  • The compression ratio will be very high, however sound output from the back of the speaker will be quite low.
  • This measure gives a bound on the compression ratio that can be achieved.
  • All available engines had their compression ratio reduced so they could all run satisfactorily on regular-grade gasoline.
  • Higher compression ratios can be achieved by investing more effort in finding the best matches.
  • It also was built in two versions with different compression ratios.
  • BSFC numbers change a lot for different engine design and compression ratio and power rating.
  • Deck heights may have changed to accommodate slightly different compression ratios over the years.
  • To improve the compression ratio, larger search window should be used and hence more memory required in the decompressor.
  • This head has smaller combustion chambers, giving a higher compression ratio, which then allows more power to be developed.
  • The compression ratio remained low enough to permit the use of relatively low octane fuel.
  • The size and type of chamber affected the compression ratio, as well as the overall performance characteristics of the engine.
  • Differences are only in the compression ratio and some different mounted components.
  • The extra power comes from a slight increase in compression ratio.
  • Thus, engines designed to run high-octane fuel exclusively can achieve higher compression ratios.
  • The other significant advantage to the closed chamber heads is that less machining is required to obtain high compression ratios.
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