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  • The sound is caused by a single compression and release of air.
  • The basic plan is to provide a structure that is very strong in physical compression.
  • Either of these features makes data compression more difficult.
  • Once this is done, we can measure the corresponding pressure applied during compression.
  • This example has been constructed to give reasonable compression on a very short message.
  • Still, he produced a number of very short stories in which he achieved notable compression of sometimes complex subjects.
  • However, in general these will have the same size as the original, and are not a form of compression.
  • The compression process requires that mechanical work be added to the working gas.
  • In data where runs are less frequent, this can significantly improve the compression rate.
  • Rest, ice and compression do help in most cases.
  • The full active area of each frame is always transmitted without compression.
  • This compression becomes a selective loss of the least significant data, rather than losing data across the board.
  • The following table is a partial history of international video compression standards.
  • This results in less efficient compression, and would not likely be used when file size is especially important.
  • In general, using extremely high compression rate makes steganography difficult, but not impossible.
  • Data compression is subject to a space-time complexity trade-off.
  • This representation can be put to use for other image presentation purposes beyond compression as such.
  • See one-way compression function for descriptions of several such methods.
  • This keeps the data as small as possible with this form of compression.
  • Surgery is only necessary in cases where complicated by significant compression of nearby structures.
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Meaning of compression

  • noun The process or result of becoming smaller or pressed together
    the contraction of a gas on cooling
  • noun Encoding information while reducing the bandwidth or bits required
  • noun Applying pressure