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  • Potential flow theory can also be used to model irrotational compressible flow.
  • The techniques are related to her prior work on compressible flows.
  • They may also be used to transfer building loads past weak or compressible soil layers.
  • This is not of practical importance, because the body is mostly composed of barely compressible materials such as water.
  • Crash safety improved with this change because of a compressible structure behind the front bumper.
  • If, however the flow is in-compressible, the pressure is independent of density.
  • Hence, we see that the materials of the interior of the earth must be either metallic or very compressible. Cited from Outlines of a Mechanical Theory of Storms, by T. Bassnett
  • In doing so, these air bearings cause dead volumes (non-compressible and thus weak air volume).
  • Generally, a block containing text information will be compressible.
  • Whether a string is compressible will often depend on the algorithm being used.
  • However, potential flows also have been used to describe compressible flows.
  • When the density is allowed to vary, the problem is called a compressible problem.
  • They were tiny, but her hand was plump and white and might be compressible. Cited from Marion's Faith, by Charles King
  • "No; if it had been compressible you would not have had that exhibition at the air pocket." Cited from The Wonder Island Boys: Exploring the Island, by Roger Thompson Finlay
  • Otherwise the more general compressible flow equations must be used.
  • Also, temperature variations for compressible flows are usually significant and thus the energy equation is important.
  • When the number of discrete symbols in a given stream is reduced, the stream becomes more compressible.
  • A system is considered to be a simple compressible one in the absence of certain effects which are uncommon in many engineering applications.
  • Gas is compressible and the density changes significantly with changes in pressure.
  • The b direction of the crystal is the most compressible and the c direction is the least compressible.
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Meaning of compressible

  • adjective Capable of being compressed or made more compact
    compressible packing materials, a compressible box