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  • After all other conditions are ruled out a comprehensive sleep history should be taken.
  • No comprehensive census has been carried out since that time due to the civil war.
  • See the list of real-time operating systems for a comprehensive list.
  • To comprehensive knowledge and very wide reading he added a sound historical judgment.
  • This is a non-comprehensive list of short stories with significant science fiction elements.
  • Comprehensive service in twenty-one languages is available throughout the world.
  • Therefore a comprehensive study was conducted and finally a floor height of was adopted.
  • The late 19th century saw the development of the city's first comprehensive park system.
  • They have been much less used since the widespread introduction of comprehensive schools.
  • We would also need information about the world system more precise and comprehensive than is currently available.
  • This model allows also for a more comprehensive theory of action.
  • Besides, there are also independent schools, comprehensive schools and trade schools.
  • Comprehensive knowledge will give "the power to change men's common way of thinking."
  • The modern local comprehensive provides secondary education for the town and neighbouring areas.
  • As it turned out, the changes were even more comprehensive.
  • The established comprehensive plan limits new buildings to six-stories over one-level of parking.
  • It will be built into a comprehensive, open and intellectual finance service area within ten years.
  • There are six primary schools and one comprehensive school.
  • The school was opened in the late 1960s as a purpose built Comprehensive School.
  • In addition, a comprehensive Master Plan for future land use and growth was developed and adopted.
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Meaning of comprehensive

  • adjective Including all or everything
    comprehensive coverage, a comprehensive history of the revolution, a comprehensive survey, a comprehensive education