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  • From the pen of David of Augsburg, a contemporary of these great masters, is an ascetic instruction for novices in his book entitled "De exterioris et interioris hominis compositione".
  • Ruell translated a large number of works into Latin, such as the last two volumes of Joannes Actuarius' De Methodo Medendi, which he published under the title De Medicamentorum Compositione in 1539.
  • De compositione huius tractatus in nobili ciuitate Leodiensi. Cited from Principal Navigations, Voyages and Discoveries, Vol. 9, Richard Hakluyt
  • He translated into Latin the Liber de compositione astrolabii, a major work of Islamic science on the astrolabe, by Maslamah Ibn Ahmad al-Majriti, which he dedicated to his colleague John of Seville.
  • A full bibliography of the rhetorical works is given in W. Rhys Roberts's edition of the Three Literary Letters (1901); the same author published an edition of the De compositione verborum (1910, with trans.).
  • He was an astronomer, and translated into Latin as Liber de compositione astrolabii a major work of Islamic science on the astrolabe, by Maslamah Ibn Ahmad al-Majriti, that he dedicated to his colleague at the Toledo School, John of Seville.
  • In this book he provides a critique of the solutions given by the geometer Marino Ghetaldi of Ragusa in his De Resolutione et Compositione Matematica to the problems posed by Apollonius of Perga.
  • The single significant difference in the new editions is the inclusion of a tract in Volume 3 entitled "De magni lapidis sive benedicti compositione et operatione (Liber magiae generalis)" which is missing from the earlier editions.
  • Renowned for the application of algebra in geometry and his research in the field of geometrical optics on which, he wrote 7 works, including the Promotus Archimedus (1603) and the De resolutione et compositione mathematica (1630).
  • In 1707 William Whiston published the algebra lectures which Newton had delivered at Cambridge, under the title of Arithmetica Universalis, sive de Compositione et Resolutione Arithmetica Liber.
  • The Liber de compositione alchimiae, which was the first alchemical work translated from Arabic to Latin (by Robert of Chester in 1144) was purportedly an epistle of Marianos to Khalid.

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