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  • The Actor model provides a modern and very general way the compositionality of programs can be analyzed.
  • The principle of compositionality has been the subject of intense debate.
  • Further, in the context of the philosophy of language, the principle of compositionality does not explain all of meaning.
  • These structures are therefore consistent with the catena-based understanding of meaning compositionality.
  • Compositionality is the ideas that the meaning of a composite expression is derived from the parts which make it up.
  • The relationship between compositionality and semantic holism has also been of interest to many philosophers of language.
  • Compositionality is the principle that states that the meaning of a complex expression depends on the meaning of its parts and on its mode of composition.
  • The catena-based analysis of idioms provides a basis for an understanding of meaning compositionality.
  • Separable verbs challenge the understanding of meaning compositionality because when they are separated, the two parts do not form a constituent.
  • The Principle of Compositionality can in fact be maintained.
  • The Principle of Compositionality also exists in a similar form in the compositionality of programming languages.
  • Compositionality is a significant issue and consideration in the design of ITL.
  • This view has implications for the problem of compositionality.
  • Separable verbs challenge theories of sentence structure because when they are separated, it is not evident how the compositionality of meaning should be understood.
  • The principle of compositionality is hence understood in terms of catenae.
  • Relative motivation refers to the compositionality of the linguistic system, along the lines of an immediate constituent analysis.
  • Along these lines, cognitive semantics argues that compositionality can only be intelligible if pragmatic elements like context and intention are taken into consideration.
  • A phonestheme is different from a morpheme because it does not meet the normal criterion of compositionality.
  • The method thus departs from the principle of compositionality.
  • The principle of compositionality states that in a meaningful sentence, if the lexical parts are taken out of the sentence, what remains will be the rules of composition.
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