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  • Compositional relationship between classes is also commonly known as a has-a relationship.
  • His technique has very little to do with commonly used compositional methods.
  • His compositional output consists mainly of sacred music, some of which he self-published.
  • His compositional style ranges from rock and jazz to modern through-composed music.
  • Some consider this to be the band's best overall compositional effort.
  • Compositional activity became less therefore, in order to leave space mostly for research and for theoretical development.
  • His unique compositional style is strongly related to that of the early Classical period.
  • His compositional style has changed over the course of his recordings but has maintained a signature production style.
  • In addition to his compositional activities, he served as director of the music division of Egyptian television.
  • Despite this, his playing and compositional skills enabled him to build a career across Europe.
  • Over the course of sketching out the album, he ended up making some compositional contributions.
  • The album covered several years of his earliest compositional works, mainly for strings and piano.
  • These duties reduced her compositional activities, although she made many arrangements of folksongs.
  • If these quantities do not appear, it is impossible to describe compositional changes.
  • A compositional approach can be used to provide security for open platform applets.
  • Pronsky spoke of the record as being "much more compositional" than earlier work.
  • One way to do this is to look at the way an algorithm takes part in the compositional process.
  • They applied these techniques and knowledge to their own compositional and improvisational languages.
  • This method is most often taught in conjunction with advanced compositional theory.
  • These effects and their system of notation represent a key element of his style during this first compositional period.
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