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  • The date of an overall composition cannot be assigned to any one year.
  • In the composition of work, one must work with and around this.
  • He devoted more time to the composition of this novel than any of his others.
  • At the time of his death, nearly all of his compositions had been recorded.
  • This will be followed by a few major and subsequently some minor compositions.
  • The time she studied music could have been the beginning of the compositions she would later create.
  • It was his biggest international hit and is his best-known composition.
  • Many of his compositions were destroyed after his death, or are lost.
  • The album consisted of six traditional tracks and three original compositions in a similar style.
  • It resulted in their increased share in the overall composition of the camp prisoners.
  • The composition of the Council was changed a number of times.
  • Many of his compositions were sacred music, much of which was very popular.
  • He is especially known for his compositions of study material for piano.
  • The exact date of composition for both of these works is unknown.
  • Some sources provide more information on the composition and function of the whole mechanism.
  • Thus, they capture the idea of function composition within a set.
  • After this, his compositions were not confined to any one form during any particular period.
  • He included a part for the instrument in several of his subsequent compositions.
  • The group table on the right lists the results of all such compositions possible.
  • His most often heard and recorded compositions tend to be from the earlier years of his career.
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Meaning of composition

  • noun The spatial property resulting from the arrangement of parts in relation to each other and to the whole
    harmonious composition is essential in a serious work of art
  • noun A mixture of ingredients
  • noun An essay (especially one written as an assignment)
    he got an A on his composition
  • noun Something that is created by arranging several things to form a unified whole
    he envied the composition of their faculty