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  • She died three years later from complication while giving birth to her third child.
  • Although the attempt failed, he died of complications a couple of weeks later.
  • His mother died from complications within a few days of his birth.
  • Another complication is when the interest rate is applied multiple times per period.
  • Within a month, both the girl and her mother had died from birth complications.
  • He said he had accomplished what he wanted and did not want further physical complications.
  • Complications from the birth occurred and the boy and mother both died.
  • His mother died the next day, from complications from his birth.
  • A new disease may also appear as a complication to a previous existing disease.
  • Some studies have indicated increased medical complications in groups receiving prayer over those without.
  • Will they be able to reach the finish line without complication?
  • All of these complications are also found in Japanese place names.
  • Despite this potential complication, nearly all the different tunnel center lines met within or so.
  • The entire procedure does not last longer than an hour if complications do not occur.
  • This was immediately ruled out, due to its complication for the mass-produced car.
  • Other complications arose, and it soon became apparent that he would not live much longer.
  • The next part- and considered to be more important- is complication of the problem of the story.
  • He died from complications of the disease two years later.
  • However, he died after a series of health complications just as he was about to assume the position.
  • The scenes were shot, but Fox cut them out because of time length and story complications.
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Meaning of complication

  • noun The act or process of complicating
  • noun A situation or condition that is complex or confused
    her coming was a serious complication
  • noun Any disease or disorder that occurs during the course of (or because of) another disease
    bed sores are a common complication in cases of paralysis
  • noun A development that complicates a situation
    the court's decision had many unforeseen ramifications