complicate things further

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  • However, the necessary simplifications involved in some ways complicate things further.
  • To complicate things further, job seeking - in itself - is complicated by not having their own form of transportation.
  • To complicate things further, a later greatest hits album by the band is also called Walking on Sunshine.
  • To complicate things further, both products, because they are produced jointly, share a common marginal cost curve.
  • But to complicate things further, the Hundred Years' War between England and France had broken out four years earlier, in 1337.
  • To complicate things further, none of the comics had anything to identify their date of issue on the cover, or inside the comic in many cases; and many were not numbered.
  • To complicate things further, the Duke commands that when Zorn returns, the thirteen irrevocably frozen clocks in the castle must all be striking five.
  • To complicate things further, Jacob and Melanie's wedding plans are causing the couple stress because of their fathers' wedding arrangements, so they call off their engagement.
  • To complicate things further, in talking about nanoparticles it is important that a powder or liquid containing nanoparticles almost never be monodisperse, but contain instead a range of particle sizes.
  • Matt and Barry have a conversation and Matt decides he doesn't want to complicate things further as he's happy with Hilary and his adoptive parents.
  • Granny and Nanny, having identified Agnes as the best candidate for the third member of the Lancre coven, soon arrive and complicate things further.
  • Vitti attempts to find a legitimate job (he tries a car dealer, a restaurant, and a jewelry store), but his rude manners and paranoia only complicate things further (all of which end up in him getting fired).
  • To complicate things further, his father is sometimes referred to as Jan van Kessel II and Jan van Kessel the Younger as Jan van Kessel III.
  • To complicate things further, Samir's mother (Beena Kak) suddenly appears and doesn't want her son get divorced from Naina (when he isn't married to her in the first place).
  • To complicate things further, there was also a Chevrolet Monza in Brazil and Venezuela, which was a version of the 1981 German Opel Ascona but with a three-door fastback body not available anywhere else.
  • To complicate things further, Elisabeth Farnese, heiress of the Duchy of Parma, the second wife of Philip V of Spain, as a great-granddaughter of Margherita de' Medici, exercised a claim to Tuscany.