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  • The original design is said to be compliant with security standards at the time of opening.
  • Besides these large companies, several start-up companies built ACE-compliant systems as well.
  • The game's website also allowed players to create a game-compliant card for their own online character.
  • However the use of the test tool is required before a company can claim a product to be compliant.
  • They were naturally more likely to be non-compliant than those receiving atypicals.
  • For example, a person that is compliant will correctly follow his/her doctor's advice.
  • Chiefs not willing to play this role were replaced by more compliant ones.
  • It has been designed for both military and civilian use, with specific focus to remain dual-use compliant.
  • Local city authorities have so far been unable to oust the non-code-compliant resident.
  • Car manufacturers wanted to appear compliant with the ban, but they also wanted to win.
  • The prior was evidently compliant but not all of the community felt likewise.
  • The force of law behind a non-compliant sign varies based on state statutes and case law.
  • Compliance in record-keeping meant that the hospital was now fully compliant on all the care standards.
  • They were not at all sure that the majority would be any more compliant than the Rump.
  • The report describes the case of a divorced mother with a non-compliant son.
  • A small number of pre-production models were found to be non-compliant with section 1 status.
  • Potential members must have become leader of a compliant business by the age of 45.
  • If someone working for a non-compliant train is injured.
  • The amount of U.S. manufactured compliant parts has met government requirements.
  • The use of fire retardant allows many indoor public areas to place real trees -and be compliant with code.
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Meaning of compliant

  • adjective Disposed or willing to comply
    children compliant with the parental will