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  • The western bank part of the old city is now completely gone.
  • In other works he is a completely developed individual with his own character and spirit.
  • However, the album contains a completely re-recorded version of the song.
  • Behind the scenes, he was completely cut off from the decision making process.
  • The station is completely student run and features only student-produced programming.
  • Typically only one die is needed to completely form the part.
  • The department does a completely student-run night of one acts at the end of every year.
  • Or they have been either completely re-recorded or altered in some way.
  • New-country projects are attempts to found completely new nation-states.
  • This example is therefore not a completely white-box model.
  • All being and non-being is hidden in them, completely self-contained.
  • Union forces completely burned the city after its capture this second time.
  • In effect, the air flows in a completely different direction on the other model.
  • The molecules that make up each individual change almost completely over a period of years.
  • The front entrance area has been completely re-designed.
  • He was born in rural central Mexico and was completely self-taught as an artist.
  • The exact reason why her body was so completely preserved has yet to be determined.
  • He never attended school and was completely self-taught.
  • The European book manufacturing industry works to a completely different set of standards.
  • It is the world which is completely unknown to animals.
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Meaning of completely

  • adverb So as to be complete; with everything necessary
    he had filled out the form completely, the apartment was completely furnished