compilation series

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  • The series is notable for being the highest selling Australian dance music compilation series produced.
  • The album is the fourth edition of the New Zealand compilation series.
  • This album was the sixth and final edition of the New Zealand compilation series.
  • It is the first installment of his new compilation series called Club Life.
  • The song was issued on a compilation series which was issued by Ministry of Sound.
  • It is the eighth album in his city compilation series.
  • Engine Room is also well known for producing the compilation series Guilt by Association.
  • Ten volumes of another short story compilation series by several authors called Little Busters!
  • It was also featured in an excellent remix version on the popular compilation series White Party.
  • She has since been releasing her Crave compilation series through the label.
  • The current compilation series has had the following releases.
  • Several of their tracks have featured on the compilation series Pure Garage.
  • It is the third installment of his Club Life compilation series.
  • Four volumes of a short story compilation series by several authors titled Little Busters!
  • He is also known for his appearance on several UK hardcore compilation series, including the Bonkers series.
  • Following the great success of the first release, a total of 20 volumes of the main compilation series have been published.
  • Khan later extended the formula and released other compilation series including jazz-funk, house and high energy genres.
  • This regular compilation series proclaimed itself 'one hour packs of the latest dance tracks'.
  • They also managed to have two of their songs included in the second volume of the Metal For Muthas compilation series.
  • Love, Peace & Poetry is a music compilation series created by Thomas Hartlage.
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