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  • Otherwise, the long term public interest could not be served via compensatory mitigation programs.
  • During compensatory phenomena, many factors of an animal may become subject to change.
  • They were merely mocked, if they had no compensatory interest in the dinner! Cited from Theological Essays and Other Papers v1,de Quincey
  • They also received two compensatory picks, awarded for losses during free agency.
  • Thus, a student who wishes to pursue doctoral studies might need compensatory education.
  • When people want to maintain their relationship, they use integrative communication and compensatory restoration.
  • In these cases the country has to pay a compensatory to the investor.
  • Children with delayed development who may return to normal schools and study along with normal children are trained at compensatory classes within regular schools.
  • So, if it forced on him a new name, the service of freedom was not altogether without compensatory advantages. Cited from Bricks Without Straw, by Albion W. Tourgee
  • Such effects result in compensatory changes in heart shape to improve its efficiency at pumping blood.
  • For both types of children, fantasy may serve a compensatory function.
  • Several studies show that people with visible stigmas do in fact use compensatory strategies.
  • The result was not what he had once anticipated; but for him it was not without some compensatory circumstances. Cited from Sybil, or the Two Nations, by Benjamin Disraeli
  • She did preeminently look as if much had by some means been taken out of her, with no compensatory process of putting in. Cited from James Pethel, by Max Beerbohm
  • And she saw glimpses, beautiful and compensatory, of the romantic quality of common life. Cited from Hilda Lessways, by Arnold Bennett
  • This disadvantage, however, is compensatory in practice both the nature and the extent to difficult.
  • As well as five compensatory picks and the end of the first five rounds.
  • People who are fearful of losing their relationships typically use compensatory restoration.
  • In addition, teams that lost free agents in the previous off-season may be awarded "compensatory" picks.
  • In addition, teams which lost free agents in the previous off-season may be awarded "compensatory" picks.
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