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  • Lastly, they leave behind compelling new relationships between previously separate individuals and groups.
  • He told the same stories every year, but always had different and compelling versions of them to keep the audience interested.
  • None, however, proved compelling enough to seriously challenge the established order until the arrival of foreign powers.
  • The idea is to create a compelling message that readers will be drawn towards.
  • He was accused of compelling companies doing business with his department to make campaign contributions on his behalf.
  • At the time, they were noted as being "among industrial music's most compelling bands."
  • But his method, however compelling, does not save the book from its considerable flaws.
  • The two new stations caused larger passenger demand, compelling an increase in the number of trains from four to six.
  • Only if it served a compelling interest could the government treat members of different races differently.
  • The news also included a weather segment, traditionally not the most compelling television.
  • Even without direct observations of Population III stars, they are a compelling source.
  • He noted that it "becomes very difficult to tell a compelling story when you're given that much freedom".
  • That is, he believes there is compelling evidence of absence of free will.
  • In addition to a compelling cast of original characters, the novels feature many historical figures, often in important roles.
  • One of the most compelling pieces of evidence comes from a recent study of baryons.
  • A randomized controlled trial can provide compelling evidence that the study treatment causes an effect on human health.
  • And that is precisely one of the factors that makes his thinking so compelling to so many today.
  • The king received British help against his wife and son and regained power, finally compelling his son to leave the country.
  • He brought pieces so compelling and beautiful that we gave in to his suggestions more often than I would have thought possible.
  • These can be quite compelling for those who develop them, and can include details that make them seem credible to others.
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Root form of compelling is compel for the verb.

Words starting with compelling

Meaning of compelling

  • verb Force somebody to do something
    We compel all students to fill out this form
  • verb Necessitate or exact
    the water shortage compels conservation