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  • Info To compel one to present information to a jury is done by order of a judge. more...
  • If you talk like that you will compel me to do it again. Cited from The Cruise of the Thetis, by Harry Collingwood
  • To keep up his physical strength, he compelled himself to take regular exercise.
  • Because he grew worse daily, all were compelled to return within a week.
  • Who is it who compels you to act against your will and against your better nature? Cited from The House of Whispers, by William Le Queux
  • Nature gives him much, but never compels him to use what she gives. Cited from The Renaissance of the Vocal Art, by Edmund Myer
  • Thus the queen is compelled to send away the boy to safety.
  • It remains at rest until some superior force compels it to change its position. Cited from All Around the Moon, by Jules Verne
  • We are compelled to cut through the ice to get water for ourselves and animals.
  • When students are in these real-life situations they are compelled to learn.
  • She tries to compel him but she does not know how to do it.
  • The relief is so great that it compels him to give himself away. Cited from The Hoyden, by Mrs. Hungerford [AKA: Margaret Wolfe Hamilton]
  • I don't know what compelled me to make it.
  • Failure to do so would compel the man to go through the ceremony again.
  • However, the thought of you compels me to live a better life. Cited from Letters to His Friends, by Forbes Robinson
  • He was compelled to sell his library to obtain means of support.
  • It is this which compels me to stay here till I have finished my work. Cited from Louis Agassiz: His Life and Correspondence
  • She will find him and compel him to come to the Palace.
  • My duty compels me, father, to make good your promise to him. Cited from Sganarelle, by Moliere
  • It is necessity scarcely less powerful than death that compels him to leave them behind. Cited from The Future of the Colored Race in America, Aikman
  • For several years he was compelled to play a passive part, having lost all credit.
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Meaning of compel

  • verb Force somebody to do something
    We compel all students to fill out this form
  • verb Necessitate or exact
    the water shortage compels conservation