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  • Washington was called upon by his compatriots to lead them on to liberty. Cited from Reading Made Easy for Foreigners, Third Reader, by John L. Huelshof
  • In every Soviet tournament he played, he had to face a number of very strong compatriots.
  • They decided, therefore, to go over to join their compatriots in France. Cited from Independent Bohemia, by Vladimir Nosek
  • Only two were able to operate in-country for more than two months, finding no support from compatriots.
  • Her own compatriots would have none of her, and so she wanted triumph in other lands. Cited from The Price of Things, by Elinor Glyn
  • Like so many others of his compatriots, he picked up Liberal ideas abroad.
  • I well know why we are here, since I observe my compatriots. Cited from Cabbages and Kings, by O Henry
  • There you will grow rich, like the rest of your compatriots. Cited from Old Calabria, by Norman Douglas
  • London was far away and the season was too young for the annual rush of his compatriots. Cited from Visionaries, by James Huneker
  • Neither do I believe that my Protestant compatriots need have any such fear. Cited from Canada and the States, by Edward William Watkin
  • English people have a strange manner of treating their compatriots when they meet in a foreign country. Cited from Fanny Goes to War, by Pat Beauchamp
  • But I must stand with my father and with my brother, and with my American compatriots. Cited from Remember the Alamo, by Amelia E. Barr
  • Nor was it his compatriots alone who gave ear to him. Cited from Maxim Gorki, by Hans Ostwald
  • He lost his father, who was a sailor like many of his compatriots, when he was only three.
  • She was ostracized by several of her former compatriots for years before the truth became known.
  • How can he again stand before the Emperor and with what face can he ever look upon any one of his twenty million compatriots? Cited from Korea's Fight for Freedom, by F.A. McKenzie
  • Before long, two of his compatriots, evidently out for a holiday, passed him. Cited from The Continental Monthly, Vol. I, May, 1862, Number V, by Various
  • Come often, and bring your good friends and compatriots -- some of them are so amusing. Cited from Madame de Mauves, by Henry James
  • Just then the Englishman caught sight of his compatriots, and came across to them quickly. Cited from The Adventures of Don Lavington, by George Manville Fenn
  • His own compatriots were still more numerous and more assiduous in attention to the retired commander. Cited from Life And Times Of Washington, V2, by Schroeder, &c
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Root form of compatriots is compatriot for the noun.

Meaning of compatriots

  • noun A person from your own country