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  • It will be hardly fair to the English girl, but, if I stand in the gap between them, I shall summon up no small quantity of dormant compatriotic feeling. Cited from The Gentleman of Fifty, by G. Meredith
  • She has participated in the work of the Sebastasti Compatriotic Union and the Historical Commission of Arlington, Massachusetts.
  • The Armenians of Aleppo have also formed compatriotic unions based on their roots, named after towns and villages where their ancestors have migrated from, during the Armenian Genocide.
  • Then a glance at the girl on the bench, drooping a little forward in freeing her face from the veil that hung from her pretty hat, together with a sense of something quaintly charming in the confidence shown him on such purely compatriotic grounds, decided him to do just what he had been asked. Cited from Between The Dark And The Daylight, by William Dean Howells