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  • Still, the lake is in a comparably good state at the moment.
  • England, France, and most other countries were not comparably organized until the 19th century.
  • Comparably, there has been a dramatic growth in the civil construction industry.
  • Comparably, they were now far enough on the left to be considered too radical for comfort.
  • It is served by several schools, though levels of educational qualification among residents are comparably low.
  • It was the first of more than fifty comparably large masonry buildings to be raised that year.
  • In the following years, some migrants returned and the population increased also due to comparably high birth rates.
  • In St. Louis he declared that America must have comparably the greatest navy in the world. Cited from Woodrow Wilson As I Know Him, By Joseph P. Tumulty
  • Historically, Sweden was a poor country with a comparably low standard of living.
  • Two comparably narrow victories had previously been recorded at the Olympics overall.
  • However, sand has a comparably low density to that of lead and makes a poor replacement.
  • Most have a level of congestion significantly lower than most comparably sized cities.
  • Although the amount of water is comparably high, the distribution is uneven in time and in space.
  • In general the status of other animals is comparably poorly known, but likely to be similar to that of the birds.
  • Nearly forty years were to pass before a comparably ambitious ruler appeared on the Russian throne.
  • Some forms of arrhythmia are dangerous and life-threatening, while others are comparably minor.
  • Most foreign companies in Sydney maintain significant sales and service functions but comparably less production, research, and development capabilities.
  • Unlike in Queensland, his term was comparably stable and was distinguished by good relations with the state government.
  • Since Derive required comparably little memory, it was suitable for use on older and smaller machines.
  • Only elephants and higher primates, such as humans, live in comparably complex social structures.
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Meaning of comparably

  • adverb In a comparable manner or to a comparable degree
    you will have to work comparably harder