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  • The first four years of eight-year study program at high school are comparable with junior high school.
  • The two studies are not directly comparable as they use different dependent measures.
  • However, his death came before he could produce any breakthroughs comparable to those of his earlier years.
  • The city had massive walls, in length, longer than the walls of comparable cities.
  • Which the role is pretty comparable to a Prime Minister like in other countries.
  • In training, the team member is in contact with people with comparable roles in other organizations.
  • Its crime rate is the second-lowest among American metropolitan areas of comparable size.
  • The other comparable regional model is the coal company town.
  • The service life of fuel cells is comparable to that of other vehicles.
  • In early 20th-century and earlier thought, form often plays a role comparable to that of structure in contemporary thought.
  • The second branch of media studies in Germany is comparable to Communication Studies.
  • Women bore about 30% more children than comparable women who remained in France.
  • Though a small village for the time, it paid a large amount of tax relative to other comparable villages.
  • The great circle distance of is comparable to the service to Chicago.
  • Various crash test results showed it performed better than comparable contemporary Western hatchbacks.
  • The structure was comparable to that of an Earth army, with similar ranks.
  • It was comparable in size to South Africa, and twice the size of France.
  • However, this action can still allow a comparable workout to those experienced on the water.
  • She also argued that the two traditions are not comparable and should not be regarded as such.
  • The meal is often comparable to a less grand version of a traditional Christmas dinner.
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Meaning of comparable

  • adjective Able to be compared or worthy of comparison