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  • Info A company is an association or collection of individuals, whether natural persons, legal persons, or a mixture of both. more...
  • Many of the largest companies in the country are based in the city.
  • The department considered creating a separate government-owned company that would own these.
  • Most of the individuals involved have moved on to other companies or efforts.
  • They are produced by third party companies and sold under different brand names.
  • Some state-owned companies may be considered larger than even the largest public corporation.
  • He was also involved with a number of start-up companies.
  • The company's television sets soon became the gold standard of the industry.
  • It took less than a year for the company to sell a million units.
  • He later took up management positions at various state-owned companies.
  • The remaining smaller operating companies were sold off or transferred into the remaining ones.
  • Two weeks later, another start-up company made a similar request.
  • The rights to sell the game in English are often sold to separate companies.
  • Today, the city is a center for health care and several insurance companies.
  • After the change of regime, several foreign-owned companies appeared in the city.
  • The company's website covers a wide range of local information as well.
  • The two companies continue to work together on various projects.
  • Companies in Europe often use year, week number and day for planning purposes.
  • The state owned company has built an extensive network across Ireland.
  • The company sees films as a way to build sales for its video games.
  • Many German and international companies have business or service centers in the city.
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Meaning of company

  • noun An institution created to conduct business
    he only invests in large well-established companies, he started the company in his garage
  • noun Small military unit; usually two or three platoons
  • noun The state of being with someone
    he missed their company, he enjoyed the society of his friends
  • noun Organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical)
    the traveling company all stayed at the same hotel
  • noun A social gathering of guests or companions
    the house was filled with company when I arrived
  • noun A unit of firefighters including their equipment
    a hook-and-ladder company
  • verb Be a companion to somebody