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  • Many people also work in the capital region, which is within commuting distance.
  • This results in de-population of the area when office workers commute home.
  • The commute can take up to two hours each way due to distance and traffic.
  • He commuted by train for nearly his entire career, often reading cases along the way.
  • The station is mainly used by students commuting to a local senior high school.
  • It was later reported that she had taken up work as a commuting office lady.
  • Most of the employed people who live in the village commute to work.
  • The commute often takes as much as two hours each way due to distance and traffic.
  • The village developed early on into a community of workers, who commuted towards nearby cities.
  • He also commuted to LA, and wrote for every major studio during that period.
  • Almost three-quarters of our working residents commute to their place of work.
  • Her running included daily commuting of the eight miles to school.
  • For some areas, traffic reports are also presented during the morning and afternoon commute.
  • These institutions were established primarily to provide low-cost education for students who commute from their homes.
  • Eventually, they got their sentences commuted and they served between ten and twelve years.
  • Approximately half of the students are residents, while the other half commute from the surrounding area.
  • Five years later, after he helped to stop a prison escape, his sentence was commuted.
  • His death sentence was commuted in exchange for his service to the royal army.
  • Aside from being important for commuting, it holds its own commercial and cultural value.
  • Most of its inhabitants commute daily to one of the larger cities in the region for work.
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Meaning of commute

  • noun A regular journey of some distance to and from your place of work
    there is standing room only on the high-speed commute
  • verb Exchange positions without a change in value
    These operators commute with each other
  • verb Travel back and forth regularly, as between one's place of work and home
  • verb Exchange a penalty for a less severe one