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  • Probably his energy and commitment made it possible for things to move forward.
  • She would however not return to television full-time because of her theatre commitments.
  • Teaching commitments meant that he only played one full summer of county cricket.
  • FOCUS staff members make an initial two-year commitment to this full-time work on campus.
  • The project is called SERVE and is intended as a long-term commitment.
  • Control being the division of labor style of the past and commitment being the style of the future.
  • They all had commitments and agreed it would take six weeks to put a draft together.
  • They are hired only if they have a strong commitment to the Christian faith.
  • According to reports, it was because of his lack of commitment to the band.
  • It would also be her last session, as she had prior commitments with her own career.
  • Commercial stations are often quite local, and may have some public service commitments within their permit.
  • In civil society organizations these would be formal commitments to provide resources or services.
  • The state has maintained its early commitment to public education.
  • The two states were at the lowest levels among states in religious commitment.
  • These duties include acting as municipal president, which is a full time commitment of three years.
  • Iran will almost never honor the interests of a company that does not show long-term commitment.
  • He says that he would act again if given small roles that he could fit in between his musical commitments.
  • It is the largest commitment made to any one city by the nation's biggest bank.
  • Following this tour, his business commitments prevented him from playing as much cricket.
  • In some cases is it chosen for positive reasons, usually by young students with no family commitments.
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Meaning of commitment

  • noun The act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action
    his long commitment to public service, they felt no loyalty to a losing team
  • noun An engagement by contract involving financial obligation
    his business commitments took him to London
  • noun A message that makes a pledge
  • noun The official act of consigning a person to confinement (as in a prison or mental hospital)