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  • There are four two-story commercial buildings and two one-story buildings.
  • Financial services now account for a third of all commercial office space in the city.
  • There are also non-commercial community and special interest radio stations.
  • During this period, French commercial film also made a name for itself.
  • This eventually became the standard for the commercial television industry in the United States.
  • It was a critical success but not a major commercial one.
  • Larger commercial, public buildings and grand homes often use doors of greater height.
  • The two-story building was originally designed as a mixed-use commercial and residential property.
  • In addition to the big four state-owned commercial banks, there are smaller commercial banks.
  • Recently, it has become a mixed-use commercial building, home to numerous small businesses.
  • However, those projects were shut down during development, some just short of their intended commercial release.
  • Expert systems were the first commercial systems to use a knowledge-based architecture.
  • Objects created in the Student Version cannot be used for commercial use.
  • Other career fields include commercial arts, teaching high school history, and law enforcement.
  • Hall started his career in commercials when he was seven years old.
  • The remainder of the space will be converted to mixed use commercial office space.
  • Many other card games have been designed and published on a commercial or amateur basis.
  • The street in this section is mostly lined with low rise commercial buildings.
  • Her career began at the age of three, when she appeared in television commercials.
  • Economic and commercial corporation has been increasing over the years.
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Meaning of commercial

  • noun A commercially sponsored ad on radio or television
  • adjective Connected with or engaged in or sponsored by or used in commerce or commercial enterprises
    commercial trucker, commercial TV, commercial diamonds
  • adjective Of or relating to commercialism
    a commercial attache, commercial paper, commercial law