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  • Despite the series name, these commentaries do not set a program of regular study.
  • No less than six commentaries on it appeared in the first half of that century.
  • One of his commentaries recorded an event that would otherwise have been lost to history.
  • He also wrote the first modern and useful commentary on the theory.
  • The game also marked the debut of play-by-play commentary.
  • The game also marked the debut of play-by-play commentary.
  • Despite its age, it is still considered an excellent commentary on simple but high quality code.
  • Albert is known for his commentary on the musical practice of his times.
  • Though this is no longer available for sale, the director's commentary is available here.
  • The station programs a variety of independent music, news and commentary.
  • He created far more in his works than mere political commentary achieved through satire.
  • The effect is of commentary to the original scene, frequently comic in nature.
  • The image of this album cover is used in a section which contains commentaries about the album.
  • He does not view his works, however, as political commentary.
  • His commentaries continued throughout the 1990s and were later published as books as they grew in numbers.
  • His work formed the basis of the major commentaries that followed.
  • As an editor, he made no commentaries, but occupied himself only with the text.
  • Despite such commentaries, thousands of people crossed over the bridge safely every day.
  • Even the band's fan base has been subject to commentary.
  • Much of that work did not survive to modern times, and is known to us only through his commentary.
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