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  • Because of public comments by her and her son during this period, her political career suffered.
  • This board has issued a number of official comments and other published papers.
  • In October of that year she stated that she stood by those comments.
  • This was several months earlier than was required, a fact which caused considerable comment.
  • His family also did not comment on any details surrounding his death.
  • Songs typically comment on the action taking place in the movie, in several ways.
  • No other ancient Greek poet has left so many comments about the nature of his art.
  • Finally, comments can be added to programs by using # as the first character on a line.
  • The director commented he wanted to tell a story about war.
  • He made the comments in an open letter on the company's website.
  • He was later to comment that his life began that day.
  • Her beauty is commented on by all the characters, though it appears to work against her.
  • It's all bad news that they want me to comment on.
  • Visitors to the new town commented on its growing commercial and industrial work.
  • Visitors often comment on the deep blue of the sky during clear weather.
  • "Germany will need men after the war as well" was a comment he frequently made.
  • He comments that in any natural language this would be impossible.
  • Upon its release, critics commented that the album was more artistic than previous works.
  • Then followed about thirty minutes of questions and comments, followed by some less formal conversation.
  • The public was given three months to comment on the proposed change, beginning in mid May.
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Meaning of comment

  • noun A written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material
    he wrote an extended comment on the proposal
  • verb Make or write a comment on
    he commented the paper of his colleague
  • verb Explain or interpret something