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  • Numerous activities are still under way throughout the country for his commemorations.
  • I must own I wish that little commemorations of this kind were more common among us. Cited from The Prose Works of William Wordsworth, by William Wordsworth
  • Such commemorations have been made for national and local events.
  • Only at a much later date were commemorations of foreign saints made.
  • Annual commemorations are held on the island and there is also a memorial museum.
  • I think Argentina will also be holding commemorations of those who died in the conflict.
  • During this stay in Paris I took part in two commemorations. Cited from Autobiography of Andrew Dickson White Volume II
  • Since then, union rallies and commemorations have become regular events at the site.
  • Also, various other events have been held at the museum, especially commemorations related to the voyage of discovery.
  • It has also been the location of some significant commemorations of Australian icons.
  • Since then, Greenwood has played at many public events and commemorations of the attacks.
  • In the musical world he was known for his special commemorations of English composers of the past.
  • Australia on the Map has already been engaged in preparations for commemorations in coming years.
  • Included here is a list of planned commemorations and organizations.
  • He is a member of the All-Party Decade of Commemorations working group.
  • The spirit in which these commemorations are sometimes performed is by no means honourable to the Christian character. Cited from Palestine or the Holy Land, by Michael Russell
  • The hall is also the site of local Memorial Day commemorations.
  • The monument is used for the official commemorations of the important historic dates.
  • He has been a guest speaker at other national Holocaust commemorations in several European countries.
  • Other political groups have also participated in the commemorations.
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Root form of commemorations is commemoration for the noun.

Meaning of commemorations

  • noun A ceremony to honor the memory of someone or something