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  • The commandments are changed to say some animals are more equal than others.
  • The commandment tells us our duty, but gives no power to do it. Cited from The Covenants And The Covenanters, by Various
  • The commandments were given so that one may live by them and not die because of them.
  • She gives out the commandments as the voice-over calls them out.
  • Upon his return to the lake he sets up his city based on the commandments of his religion.
  • The album has so far proved slightly more popular amongst fans than Commandment.
  • Heaven and earth shall pass away, but the commandment of God can never pass away. Cited from Sermons to the Natural Man, by William G.T. Shedd
  • If we were to take the commandment literally, how far should we get? Cited from Atlantis, by Gerhart Hauptmann
  • Honor thy father and thy mother should always be a leading commandment. Cited from Fantasia of the Unconscious, by D. H. Lawrence
  • Again, God has written his commandment, that children should honor their parents. Cited from Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 1 of 4, by American Anti-Slavery Society
  • This same commandment should be kept at all times when something is stolen from you.
  • This commandment did he give in his pride, not knowing what should come to pass. Cited from Stories from the Greek Tragedians, by Alfred Church
  • He gave no reason for his commandment, and the knight might learn nothing of the cause. Cited from French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France, by France
  • The fifth one is on the commandment, but it is only half finished.
  • I'd break the fifth commandment fifty times rather than come back and live with all of you again. Cited from Sally Bishop, by E. Temple Thurston
  • Where, then, is the difference between the old commandment and the new? Cited from The Teaching of Jesus, by George Jackson
  • So the old Ten-Commandment law is cast out in favor of a better one. Cited from Around Old Bethany, by Robert Lee Berry
  • The old relation has disappeared and the fifth commandment does not make its old appeal. Cited from The Spinners, by Eden Phillpotts
  • On His part He has given the commandment as a sign of His love. Cited from Expositions of Holy Scripture: Romans/Corinthians, by Alexander Maclaren
  • This commandment was given to the man, and by the man it went to the woman. Cited from Bible Stories and Religious Classics, by Philip P. Wells
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  • noun Something that is commanded