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  • Many lower-level political officers never received the same military training as commanding officers.
  • It was the commercial and commanding centre at the heart of the ancient city.
  • Even at his young age, he was over six feet tall, and had a commanding presence.
  • The north sees the high population south becoming more influential and perhaps commanding majority rule.
  • They lost their commanding officer while he was on a hunting trip.
  • Not a single Japanese ship would be safe for as long as he was commanding the sea.
  • She has been described as an intelligent woman with a commanding will.
  • The commanding officers of the two ships were told that they could expect little help if they got into trouble.
  • Johnson, in turn, took the concept to the commanding officer of the base.
  • This church has a tall clock tower and stands in a commanding position at the centre of the town.
  • This is the first rank, where they are commanding officer.
  • He revealed his real name and his circumstances to his commanding officer, Lieutenant Howard.
  • He previously served as commanding general of the Third Army.
  • In reality, Fell has been the commanding officer all along.
  • It then took charge as one of the commanding headquarters in the occupation of Japan.
  • The soldiers, however, obey the orders of their commanding officer to open fire at the village.
  • In addition, the operating system can schedule when to perform the action that the process is commanding.
  • Germany was the commanding leader for nearly the entire voting process.
  • Controlled by the player, he must act alone, supported via radio by commanding officers and specialists.
  • Traditionally, the commanding officer would have received this award before any other crew member was so honoured.
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Root form of commanding is command for the verb.

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Meaning of commanding

  • verb Be in command of
    The general commanded a huge army
  • verb Make someone do something
  • verb Demand as one's due
    This speaker commands a high fee, The author commands a fair hearing from his readers