comic sidekick

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  • Vijayan, his less educated, comic sidekick, is his roommate and sole friend.
  • Lucien Littlefield plays a strong supporting role in the movie as Hart's comic sidekick and best friend.
  • It was after this latter role that Republic Pictures signed him as the comic sidekick in Monte Hale's Western series.
  • Zamloch also used a comic sidekick and assistant known as Billy Marx, who was the brother of Zamloch's wife.
  • He appeared in more than 180 films between 1929 and 1967, usually as a cowboy hero's comic sidekick.
  • He appears as Clarence, a comic sidekick, with John Wayne in the 1933 film Haunted Gold.
  • This was the second of four films in which Fuzzy Knight played the comic sidekick to Universal's new singing cowboy, Bob Baker.
  • His first top featured role, however, would come with The Iron Claw as Jack "Flash" Strong, a photographer who, uncharacteristically for Walter, served as a comic sidekick to our serial hero.
  • Terhune played the comic sidekick (Lullaby Joslin in the Mesquiteers movies and usually a character called Alibi thereafter) -- with a major distinction.
  • He developed his image as a cowboy hero dressed all in black and inherited from Buster Crabbe a comic sidekick in the form of "Fuzzy Q. Jones" played by Al St. John.
  • In his later years he participated to numerous commedia sexy all'italiana films, often pairing with Edwige Fenech, the most popular actress of the genre, and also with Alvaro Vitali as the comic sidekick.
  • "Cannonball" was a comic sidekick to "Wild Bill" Saunders (played by Bill Elliott), a pairing that continued through thirteen features, during which Elliott's character became Wild Bill Hickok.
  • Raven had the idea that the unusual-looking wrestler would be perfect as a "lackey" of Stevie Richards, who was his own comic sidekick in ECW, and brought him to Philadelphia as a member of Raven's Nest.
  • He starred in the TV series Thunder Alley as the comic sidekick to Ed Asner, and as homicide cop Earl Gaddis on Reasonable Doubts.
  • Romero is a wonderful comedienne, combining as she does a stately beauty and aristocratic nose with eyes that slant just (and maddeningly) so, plus a sense of humor game enough to undercut her impeccable poise; Dolphy does well in a supporting role as comic sidekick with an insatiable appetite.