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  • Each issue of the comic included a new original story based on the cover.
  • It is the first independent self-published comic magazine in the country.
  • She began her career as a stand-up comic in the late 1980s.
  • He enjoyed it and began his long career as a stand-up comic.
  • Each is named after some historical person or TV character, usually for comic effect.
  • Without that extra money, he could not make a living drawing comic books.
  • Primarily a stand-up comic, he first began performing in high school.
  • He did however, give the two a selection of some comic books.
  • All three characters have also been featured in at least one official tie-in comic.
  • He went on to star in his own comic series.
  • Despite this, he never got to make a movie based on the comic book hero.
  • He remains a strong influence on the comic book medium, particularly in Europe.
  • He has been a stand-up comic and has starred in film and on television.
  • More than half of all comics featuring the character were produced in Italy.
  • In short, this is what an event tie-in comic book should be like.
  • Howard related comic books continued to be published to the present day.
  • Numerous other books, comics, and video games have also been produced.
  • She performed as a stand-up comic in the early 1990s.
  • Artists known exclusively for their work in comic books are not included.
  • She has continued to make some scattered appearance in X-Men comic books.
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Meaning of comic

  • adjective Of or relating to or characteristic of comedy
    comic hero