comfortably seated

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  • The interior was designed for Americans in mind, and could comfortably seat three.
  • He drew forward an easy chair and saw her comfortably seated. Cited from Polly and the Princess, by Emma C. Dowd
  • It was not long, however, till we were comfortably seated in the train. Cited from Letters of a Woman Homesteader, by Elinore Pruitt Stewart
  • "All ready?" he asked, looking to see that his passengers were comfortably seated. Cited from The Motor Boys on the Pacific, by Clarence Young
  • Gentlemen do not enter the car until the ladies have been comfortably seated. Cited from Book of Etiquette, by Lillian Eichler
  • It was also well that she found the desired volume and had comfortably seated herself for a good long read. Cited from Marguerite Verne, by Agatha Armour
  • "Well!" said my mother-in-law, when we were comfortably seated in the carriage again. Cited from The Law and the Lady, by Wilkie Collins
  • Presently she found herself comfortably seated beside the doctor, who drove off at a rapid pace. Cited from Other Things Being Equal, by Emma Wolf
  • They did not rise till the judges were comfortably seated on the bare ground. Cited from Pinocchio in Africa, Cherubini
  • She thought of these things the next morning as she and Kitty were comfortably seated near the fire. Cited from The King's Arrow, by H. A. Cody
  • We now comfortably seated ourselves, when two large wings struck out from it like those of some great condor. Cited from Strange Visitors, by Henry J. Horn
  • So when they were both comfortably seated, the old Indian began the tale which you will find in the next chapter. Cited from The Magic Speech Flower, by Melvin Hix
  • "Which do you call the best of your horses?" asked Charles, so soon as he had got himself comfortably seated. Cited from Tales for Fifteen, by Jane Morgan
  • Soon they were comfortably seated on board the boat, which after a bit moved out into the Potomac. Cited from Bobbsey Twins in Washington, by L. Hope
  • The Major was extremely comfortably seated with his back against a rock, and was enjoying himself. Cited from The Simpkins Plot, by George A. Birmingham
  • The officer, having seen his charge comfortably seated, excused himself and disappeared. Cited from The Prince of India, by Lew. Wallace, Vol. 1
  • In a room large enough to comfortably seat one hundred were fully two hundred and fifty, and a large crowd hovering about the door. Cited from American Missionary, Volume 43, No. 10, October, 1889, by Various
  • The tables themselves present the appearance of the modern school-desk, being long enough that twenty men may be comfortably seated at each. Cited from The Twin Hells, by John N. Reynolds
  • He was shown into a room and Mr. Rundell came to him almost before he had been comfortably seated. Cited from The Underworld, by James C. Welsh
  • The party were comfortably seated around the fire, much interested in the success or failure of the dog's adventure. Cited from The Elson Readers, Book 5, by William H. Elson
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