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  • Here it was not so warm, and we settled ourselves comfortably by a window. Cited from The Man in Lower Ten, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • We can stroll out quite comfortably by our own private route. Cited from Jill the Reckless, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • As he argued it, the deaf person could read and write and get along very comfortably by himself. Cited from Quincy Adams Sawyer and Mason's Corner Folks, by Charles Felton Pidgin
  • The two pulled clear of the field before West Australian gained the advantage and won comfortably by half a length.
  • That done, we covered them with the oilcloth, and sat down comfortably by the fire. Cited from Eben Holden, by Irving Bacheller
  • He made two bad mistakes but still won comfortably by three lengths.
  • He remained undisturbed for ten years, during which time he supported himself and family comfortably by sawing wood. Cited from Isaac T. Hopper, by L. Maria Child
  • The different waters used should be of the same temperature, and never too hot to be borne comfortably by the hands. Cited from Public School Domestic Science, by Mrs. J. Hoodless
  • He is sitting comfortably by the fire, and good ale has put him into a story-telling humour. Cited from The English Gipsies and Their Language, by Charles G. Leland
  • You see, we shall get to Fort Duquesne very comfortably by the middle of July of next year. Cited from A Soldier of Virginia, by Burton Egbert Stevenson
  • I might have sat as wisely and more comfortably by my own fire-side -- for no Coleridge appeared. Cited from Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, by James Gillman
  • Whilst now held comfortably by the UMP the seat has historically swung between left and right.
  • Through the half-drawn curtains he could see Ethel sitting comfortably by the lamp. Cited from Shandygaff, by Christopher Morley
  • She put her basket of eggs very carefully on the ground, and placed herself comfortably by Anna's side. Cited from Thistle and Rose, by Amy Walton
  • She went clear in the straight and won comfortably by two and a half lengths from Fiftyshadesofhay.
  • So, after a good supper, the two young men seated themselves comfortably by the shaded lamp on the library table. Cited from Added Upon, by Nephi Anderson
  • If red spiders are present, sponge them off with water as hot as can be borne comfortably by the hand. Cited from Agriculture for Beginners, by Burkett, Stevens and Hill
  • She picketed her steed, hung up her weapons, and warmed herself comfortably by his fire. Cited from Vanity Fair, by William Thackeray
  • Though the islanders learned to survive quite comfortably by farming and fishing, violence and illness caused many problems.
  • He took the lead two furlongs from the finish and won comfortably by a length from Himalia.
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