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  • He published several additional works on combinatorial design theory in later years.
  • There are many ways of thinking about the class of all combinatorial species.
  • The second step of test design then follows the principles of combinatorial test design.
  • As in most games in combinatorial game theory, the first player who cannot move loses.
  • Combinatorial design theory can be applied to the area of design of experiments.
  • In formal game theory terms, Go is a non-chance, combinatorial game with perfect information.
  • Many other problems of standard combinatorial optimization problems may be written in this form.
  • If you have a combinatorial test, it can be easily applied.
  • If thought also has such a combinatorial semantics, then there must be a language of thought.
  • It is also a combinatorial game (when played with two players).
  • In mathematics, the study of these objects falls within the branch of combinatorial design.
  • The first two properties define a combinatorial structure known as an independence system.
  • In combinatorial game theory, the zero game is the game where neither player has any legal options.
  • This result is today viewed as the birth of combinatorial game theory.
  • Other combinatorial designs are related to or have been developed from the study of these fundamental ones.
  • Every orbifold has associated with it an additional combinatorial structure given by a complex of groups.
  • The goal of mean field theory is to resolve these combinatorial problems.
  • In combinatorial game theory, there are four types of game.
  • In number theory, zero-sum problems are a certain class of combinatorial questions.
  • Combinatorial games are generally, by convention, put into a form where one player wins when the other has no moves remaining.
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