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  • Colouring is the next step after which they are left to dry again for two weeks.
  • However, the colouring of the queen is a dark brown, sometimes almost completely black.
  • Two boat models have been identified, although the main difference was just colouring.
  • But I'd rather have had those clear white ones, without any colouring. Cited from Gigolo, by Edna Ferber
  • However, its colouring is very different and makes it relatively easy to notice at sea.
  • Fish in this genus are able to change their colouring in two to eight seconds.
  • Various colouring books and a magazine are also available in the UK.
  • The copper head colouring that gave rise to the common name is not always present.
  • It can be found in many plants, where it serves as a colouring agent.
  • The copper head colouring that gave rise to the common name is sometimes present, sometimes not.
  • Both its sex and appearance change during its life and the colouring at each stage is rather variable.
  • The writers tell us what they saw, with little if any colouring or exaggeration. Cited from Notes and Queries, Number 186, May 21, 1853, ed. by George Bell
  • Its bill will soon lose its dark grey colouring and its sex can finally be distinguished by three factors.
  • In addition to the fourteen story books, there were also three other books - an annual and two colouring books.
  • It also sometimes contains green food colouring to further enhance its colour.
  • The adult males have the bright blue colouring that give the fish their name.
  • These may also contain a colouring, which shows up in the water (typically blue or green).
  • It made her, quickly colouring, rest grave eyes on him. Cited from The Outcry, by Henry James
  • His peculiar circumstances made the whole situation take on a more vivid colouring. Cited from Robert Hardy's Seven Days, by Charles Monroe Sheldon
  • The only colouring about him was in his eyes. Cited from The Californians, by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
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Root form of colouring is colour for the verb.

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