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  • In the earlier series it was more colourful than in the later series.
  • And the colourful era of the small, private teams finally came to an end.
  • A colourful wall painting can be seen on the administration building opposite the market hall.
  • The new title-piece was designed to give a greater impact to the colourful front page.
  • This is a time when the valley is at its colourful best.
  • A simple return of Will's makes the little town seem to be more colourful.
  • He was regarded as a colourful player of the game, who never quite lived up to his early potential.
  • Local legend has a much more colourful theory as to its creation.
  • Wang's private life is actually more colourful than his film career.
  • All of the train parts were painted in the same colourful scheme as the station.
  • Soon one is in the middle of the village surrounded by the small and colourful wooden houses.
  • The unit only existed for four weeks, but had a colourful history of mounted service.
  • As a result, the colourful supporting cast was developed during this period.
  • The cave contains a spring and a well named in his honour and has a colourful history.
  • Both are mainly black and white, with huge colourful, mainly red and black bills.
  • Emily has had a more colourful past than you might think.
  • The activity has existed since at least the 17th century and has a colourful legal history.
  • The small island has had a colourful human history.
  • The district has an important historic gold mining past and produced some colourful people during that heyday.
  • Today the town is quiet, with its French provincial atmosphere and colourful port life.
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