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  • The album is being described as his "most personal, colossal album of his career."
  • It is thought that the two colossal heads date from this period.
  • Brun also ran his own private business and over the years built a colossal fortune.
  • It's one of those facts that are too colossal to be seen. Cited from The Long Roll, by Mary Johnston
  • Throughout this period, a colossal effort was made to raise funds to develop a new building.
  • He took upon himself the colossal task of the renaissance of Indian culture.
  • Two parts of the broken colossal statue are known: the head and an arm.
  • She had colossal amount of influence over her husband and was important and active in the Imperial Court.
  • According to ancient texts, the palace was colossal; a big city under one roof.
  • They suffered a colossal loss in men and money besides military prestige.
  • I asked myself, How was this colossal work performed? Cited from The Mountain That Was 'God', by John H. Williams
  • Although of this colossal size, he is of equal and fine proportions-no one feature being more prominent than another.
  • This fact makes the Lands Department building seem more practical and public-oriented rather than colossal.
  • How or why this colossal stone and others was carved remains a mystery.
  • In this list at least one colossal stone over ten tons has been moved to create the structure or monument.
  • The expedition was a colossal failure, and the American force was struck down by disease.
  • The appearance of the building is plain yet intimidating in its colossal size.
  • His colossal form, his clear mind, and excellent judgment, placed him at the head of educational and religious matters. Cited from Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880, by George Washington Williams
  • Facing death, he dedicated his last years to this book, which he considered a project of colossal dimensions.
  • Superboy is not sure he wants to do any more good after getting Colossal Boy killed.
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