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  • Due to the large size and their cost, they are generally used only for colonisation projects.
  • As such, he was closely associated with his father's interest in colonisation.
  • The first two individuals mentioned are remembered for their fight against British colonisation.
  • Colonisation is a subject on which I wish to say a few words. Cited from A Winter Tour in South Africa, by Frederick Young
  • This was the end of the first attempt at colonisation of the north coast. Cited from History of Australian Exploration,by Ernest Favenc
  • Activity prior to the last ice age until colonisation are recorded.
  • These are the principles necessary to be observed in any national system of colonisation. Cited from A Winter Tour in South Africa, by Frederick Young
  • It has been developing since colonisation and also contains certain elements of American English.
  • Afterwards, a self-colonisation began by private settlement within the country.
  • Existence of this settlement provides strong evidence that a developed society existed prior to German colonisation.
  • There is also evidence of continued occupation during the period of the Roman colonisation.
  • Other nations fail in their attempts at colonisation because they proceed on military lines. Cited from Successful Recitations, by Various
  • This form of growth allows very rapid colonisation of new water.
  • Thus the history of European colonisation of Asia ended where it began.
  • Various important political leaders such as Gladstone opposed colonisation in its first years.
  • In order to have a chance of its being successful, colonisation must be conducted on sound principles and practice. Cited from A Winter Tour in South Africa, by Frederick Young
  • He gave a very good evidence, and quite knocked up colonisation. Cited from Political Diary 1828-1830, Volume II, by Edward Law (Lord Ellenborough)
  • To address this problem, a small colonisation to the islands took place.
  • In the west, however, the English occupation took even less the form of a regular colonisation. Cited from Early Britain, by Grant Allen
  • Most of these communities were destroyed by land clearing in the period following colonisation.
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