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  • A number of new cities were built following the end of colonialism, while others were greatly expanded.
  • War and colonialism still influence international relations to a large extent.
  • They dedicated it to all people who suffered under colonialism.
  • These mostly converted during the modern era or under French colonialism.
  • Their social roles and opportunities have changed since the time of French colonialism.
  • These events were the longest-running military action in African colonialism history.
  • This seems to have led to the novel being perceived as anti British colonialism.
  • Electronic colonialism theory explains how mass media are leading to a new concept of empire.
  • Indian independence followed from the Japanese fight against western colonialism.
  • This process began hundreds of years earlier, during the periods of European colonialism.
  • During the 1930s several home rule groups were created at a time when others around the world sought to end colonialism.
  • Many of his works explore colonialism and people's treatment of the environment.
  • Dutch buildings were also demolished and were replaced giving the area a sense of British colonialism.
  • Colonialism: India's long history as a British colony has had numerous side effects.
  • An advocate of colonialism early in life, she later called for independence for African countries.
  • Some American officials said that this was another example of the British trying to hold on to their colonialism.
  • These movements have been especially common among people living under colonialism or other forces that disrupt previous social arrangements.
  • He also wrote a book about the history of apartheid and colonialism in Africa.
  • It is mostly used in discussions of post-colonialism, but is also important to other fields within critical theory.
  • All European languages are seen as foreign and instruments of European colonialism.
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Meaning of colonialism

  • noun Exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one; the use of the weaker country's resources to strengthen and enrich the stronger country