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  • Women came to play an important role in education and welfare during colonial times.
  • The official language is French, which was introduced during the colonial period.
  • Western-style theatre became common during colonial times, heavily influenced by French theatre.
  • Features of these streets include the original colonial buildings and narrow roads.
  • Established during the colonial period, the network has been well maintained and gradually expanded since.
  • This area contains most important buildings of the colonial era and early decades of independence.
  • It serves as the official welcome center and colonial-era living history museum.
  • Airplanes made it possible to open up the country during its early colonial period.
  • The island would serve Britain as a key military base for its colonial routes.
  • Aeroplanes made it possible to open up the country during its early colonial period.
  • He was active in community affairs, colonial and state politics, as well as national and international affairs.
  • This number included neither the army based in the French colonial empire nor the French fleet.
  • He later recorded another version of this song under the name "Colonial Man".
  • Mexico has had a small population of people of African descent since colonial times.
  • He would subsequently serve in many offices in town and colonial governments.
  • The colonial system was the major cause of the Second World War.
  • Morocco's current relations with some countries are related to its colonial history.
  • After the colonials left the country, national attention was focused more on football.
  • In this era, the first institutions of colonial government were founded.
  • The city has several historic cemeteries that were established shortly after the colonial era.
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Synonyms of colonial

Meaning of colonial

  • noun A resident of a colony
  • adjective Of or relating to or characteristic of or inhabiting a colony
  • adjective Of animals who live in colonies, such as ants