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  • It would appear that these names were colloquial terms rather than official names.
  • There are similar colloquial terms for almost any activity that can result in the condition.
  • In some parts of this area it is generally used as the colloquial language in daily speech.
  • They used elements of colloquial language to make their writings more direct.
  • The first contains mostly religious works of a literary style while the second is more political and colloquial in nature.
  • It is also used in schools, mass media, education and in the colloquial speech and writing.
  • There are many words that have different finals in their literary and colloquial forms.
  • Both the scientific and colloquial name of the bird are related to its use of human-made structures.
  • New Zealand and various parts of it have acquired a range of colloquial names over the years.
  • At that time, both were writing their own music & lyrics creating a colloquial and completely new style.
  • Words that have a formal meaning can also have a colloquial meaning.
  • Other colloquial Australian terms which mean the same thing include "she'll be right".
  • Over the years the theme has shifted from one of technology/natural science to a more colloquial one.
  • He called his colloquial approach to language "the sound of sense."
  • The pure blue colour of the pit gave the lake its colloquial and now official name.
  • Innovative features in her works include the use of colloquial language and images of daily life.
  • It seems unlikely it will have any effect on colloquial speech in the short term.
  • It is also a good idea to know whether the game dictionary includes colloquial and contemporary words.
  • Even the language used on the show has affected modern colloquial expressions.
  • Trophy wife is a colloquial term for any wife who is considered a status symbol.
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