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  • Behind the office building is a small section of wall from the colliery.
  • The company built the village institute or club between the houses and the colliery.
  • The site of the former colliery has been built over and is now a housing estate.
  • Where that once stood is now a housing estate with streets named after the colliery.
  • It was only after he won the cap that he stopped working at the colliery.
  • In these collieries a man and a boy generally work together. Cited from Regeneration, by H. Rider Haggard
  • Passenger service was provided on most lines to bring workers to the collieries.
  • The duke and the colliery company also built the local school.
  • The village lies in an area with a strong mining history and had its own colliery.
  • He started working in a colliery at the age of ten.
  • It is a small former mining village which used to have two collieries.
  • Miners from other collieries in the area, some taking similar action, supported their action.
  • Taylor began his career playing for a local coal mining team at the colliery where he worked.
  • In these villages many of the workers lived in houses that were provided by the colliery.
  • The board also took over power stations at some collieries and railway sidings.
  • This gave the company access to more collieries and so more traffic over its rails.
  • Several clubs in the area still bear the colliery's name.
  • Several clubs in the area still bear the colliery's name.
  • It was built to serve the collieries in the heart of the forest.
  • The ground on which the colliery and 'plant' stood is yet to be re-developed.
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  • noun A workplace consisting of a coal mine plus all the buildings and equipment connected with it