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  • The league is made up of former professional, collegiate, and high school players.
  • Its football team is widely considered one of the best in Chinese collegiate football.
  • Organized competition takes place both on the high school and collegiate level.
  • This event is limited to some high schools and is not a collegiate event.
  • The programs are generally for high school students, but some states also have collegiate models.
  • Some of these settled in the area and established a collegiate church.
  • It is available at the middle-school, high-school, collegiate and best known for all-star.
  • The use of the term has crossed over into professional and collegiate Canadian football.
  • Columbia College has several men and women collegiate sports teams as well.
  • This type of speech is found at the collegiate level and is typically eight to ten minutes long.
  • She is a seven-time collegiate All-American, and four-time conference champion.
  • He was invited to the tournament because of his collegiate All-American status.
  • There was no collegiate division - the frontier had not yet produced students ready for college.
  • His fans didn't have to wait long to see him score in his first collegiate game.
  • They are the only collegiate team to use the name.
  • They are currently one of the most respected summer collegiate baseball programs in the nation.
  • The collegiate church also appears to have supported a school.
  • This collegiate facility is one of the first of its kind.
  • He continues to train on the collegiate level until he is drafted.
  • The school was the third collegiate business school in the United States and the first at a public university.
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  • adjective Of or resembling or typical of a college or college students
    collegiate living, collegiate attitudes, collegiate clothes