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  • The first of these works is entirely lost, and only 25 of the 70 (or 72) books of the Collectiones survive.
  • The collections began to look more like penitentials, even as penitentials everywhere were beginning to take on characteristics (size, systematization, papal and conciliar laws) of the more 'formal' collectiones.
  • Her last honour, the Effectrix Magnus Collectiones Award of the Hungarian National History Museum was awarded to her in 2009, one month before her death, on 27 December.
  • A number of Frankish councils demanded that the laws of the older penitentials be brought into line with the accepted canonical norms of the church, as reflected in the more conservative collectiones canonum (canon law collections) being compiled at the time.
  • Beginning in the seventh and eighth centuries, and fuelled by the early Anglo-Saxon church's strong ties to Roman models, one sees in England the considerable influence of Italian canon law collections, most notably the collectiones Dionysiana, Sanblasiana and Quesnelliana.
  • His early influences included Paolo da Perugia (a curator and author of a collection of myths, the Collectiones), the humanists Barbato da Sulmona and Giovanni Barrili, and the theologian Dionigi di Borgo San Sepolcro.