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  • This collection contains songs that are all about the subject of love.
  • The collection contains their own works as well as works by a number of other artists.
  • The collection contains new as well as previously published works.
  • The collection contains a variety of materials that document both her professional and personal life.
  • The collection contains original stories as well as short stories of already established crime comics series.
  • The collection contains eleven short stories, all connected to each other.
  • The collection contains seven stories, to which two other were added in later editions.
  • The collection contains more than one million books.
  • Another feature is a Michigan collection containing legal materials that date back centuries.
  • The more original good poetry your collection contains, it certainly has so much the more merit. Cited from Complete Works of Robert Burns, by Robert Burns and Allan Cunningham
  • Contact with the museum staff is required to learn the full extent of what the object collection contains.
  • The collection contains the stories that Moore selected as the best of her longer work.
  • The collection contains both Chinese- and foreign-made pieces.
  • The collection contains two thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight specimens. Cited from Illustrated Catalogue...Indians of New Mexico & Arizona, by Stevenson
  • The collection contains five episodes from the third season, eight from the fourth season, and two from the fifth.
  • The Law Library collection contains standard primary and secondary legal resources in American law.
  • He stayed for seven months and then returned with a collection containing plants and insects.
  • The collection contains nearly every entry for the first major broadcast award given in the United States.
  • The collection contains almost one hundred classic cars made in Europe and the United States.
  • This collection contained some dramatic pieces, written to be performed by school-girls at breaking- up-time.
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