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  • As the number of department increased, so does the collection at library increased.
  • It served as the model for the still more famous collection at York. Cited from Old English Libraries, by Ernest A. Savage
  • His collection became the basis for a collection at his university.
  • The still-growing collection at the Museum is remarkable in its size and quality.
  • There is no attempt here to make any application of the principle of collection at the source. Cited from Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 21, Editor: Charles F. Horne
  • The collection at the Paris Library grew through the years until it finally reached capacity.
  • Both form part of the national collection at the National Railway Museum.
  • The film went on to make recording collections at the box-office.
  • He also organized the foreign film collection at all-Soviet Fund of films.
  • It is in the permanent film collection at the Museum of Modern Art.
  • Although a comic film, it received only below average collections at the box office.
  • The film received Positive reviews from critics and good collection at the box office.
  • One of these engines is preserved as part of the national collection at York.
  • He truly began to develop his natural history collections at that time.
  • A collection of pictures from that period remain in a history collection at the inn.
  • Then he drew back to let his eye encompass the whole collection at a glance. Cited from Against The Grain, by Joris-Karl Huysmans [Tr.: John Howard]
  • He was forced to sell his new collections at a loss.
  • These results are from the first three years of data collection at RHIC.
  • Ironically, many of his works are now part of the permanent collection at the museum.
  • The film opened to strong collection at the box-office and went on to gross worldwide.
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